San Siro

InvestCorp want new stadium just for Milan


A new report from the Italian media suggests that InvestCorp want to build a stadium just for Milan, rather than sharing it with Inter. The Bahrain based fund are edging closer to a takeover of the Rossoneri that could see a large investment in transfers as well as the clubs infrastructure as well.

La Gazzetta dello Sport report that the €1.18 billion deal could be completed in the coming week as preliminary contracts could be drawn up and signed by Friday.

InvestCorp Executive Chairman Mohammed Alardhi believes the Rossoneri should have a stadium of their own that isn’t shared with Inter, that is wholly owned by Milan and caters to the clubs supporters throughout the week.

A join project was in the works and had been approved but the feasibility study has been questioned while construction work won’t begin until at least 2027.

Both clubs were considering a move outside of the City to Sesto San Giovanni and were commited to creating a project together, but InvestCorp’s takeover could change that.


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