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Kim Min-jae: ‘Naples is Napoli’


New Napoli signing Kim Min-jae say’s he didn’t need convincing to make the move to Naples this summer as he immediately accepted their offer. The 25-uear-old made the move last week and gave his first official press conference to the club earlier today:

“Napoli showed great interest in me and I was very happy that such an important club wanted me. I immediately accepted with joy.

The negotiation was simple because I was interested and proud of Napoli’s proposal, compared to the others. It is a club that needs no introduction, Naples is Napoli.

Do you feel the responsibility of having arrived in Koulibaly’s place?

Honestly, I’m not Koulibaly’s replacement, I’m a defender who will try to give his best for the team. Kuolibaly is a champion, I am a young player who grew up very quickly, I have great emotion at playing here and I would like to make an important impact this year in the Italian championship.

What was your first impression of  Spalletti and the group?

“I have already settled in the group well, there is great harmony and I already feel like one of them. My impression is that I have to learn a lot both from the advice of the coach and from the quality of my teammates. I am on a very strong team and I can learn a lot.

Why did you tattoo the phrase “Carpe Diem”?

“Because you always have to face events with positive energy every day.”

You are the third Korean player to play in the Italian league in history

“Yes I am the third and I am also the youngest who came to Italy, but more than making comparisons I just want to focus on myself and give my best.”

This training retreat, for me,  is a great growth experience, I am very positive compared to my new adventure, playing in Italy will certainly do me good to mature.”

What are your main features?

“I think I have more features, let’s say I prefer to play on the right side of the defence, but I also played on the left. My highest quality is coverage, I can do it in any position. Then temperamentally, I think I am very solid.”

Have you felt the warmth of Napoli fans?

“I am realizing how passionate Neapolitan support is. I know that replacing Koulibaly can be a pressure, but it is also a great stimulus.

I know there is a lot of expectation on me, but I too expect a lot from this season. We will also play in the Champions League and it is a very strong motivation.”


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