Kulusevski: ‘I wasn’t happy at Juventus’


Spurs winger Dejan Kulusevski revealed his reasons for leaving Juventus and explained the differences between Antonio Conte and Max Allegri. The 22-year-old left Turin last season and enjoyed an explosive start to his time in the Premier League, becoming a key part of the team.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Swedish international explained why he wasn’t happy in Turin and why working with Antonio Conte has been such a benefit to him:

Tell us the truth, you were another player at Juventus. How much was your fault?

“I don’t know, in football sometimes things simply go wrong. I haven’t changed anything about myself in recent months: mentally I was always prepared and always went on the pitch to give my best. At Juve, however, it didn’t work no matter how hard I tried.”

You must have given yourself an explanation, right?

“I’m a guy who likes to look forward, more than back. Certainly at Juventus I didn’t feel happy for many different reasons and when you realize that things are not going well, then it is difficult to change course by remaining in the same environment. Therefore the choice to leave Italy was the best I could do in that situation.”

It comes to mind: luckily Tottenham arrived in January.

“True. In England I am great, everything is better than in Turin, both on and off the pitch. As I said, now I really always want to play football and to win for my team.”

How important was Conte’s work on you?

“A lot. At Tottenham my body changed, thanks above all to the exercises in the gym, in a very short time. We work a lot every day, and better than I did in Italy. I love how we train in London and certainly the credit goes to the our coach: I’m very happy to play for him “.

Juventus fans have been wondering for some time: is there so much difference between Max Allegri and Conte?

“Honestly yes. I don’t want to say that one is better than the other, because I have great respect for both Allegri and Conte and both have won a lot in their careers, but the work and the idea of ​​football are completely different. At Tottenham, like I have already said, it takes a lot more effort in the gym and you can see the results. I can say that from Juve to Spurs my world has changed and one thing must be said about Conte. ”

Say …

“I have never met in my life, even outside of football, a motivated person like Antonio Conte. One who,when he talks to you, inevitably enters your heart.”


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