Mourinho: ‘I don’t think Tammy wants to leave’


Roma boss Jose Mourinho has dismissed the idea that striker Tammy Abraham wants to leave this summer. The England International has had a stellar debut season in the capital and was recently linked with a move to Arsenal among other clubs.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Mourinho was full of praise for his young striker and insisted he would be happy for him, whatever he decides for his future:

Against Leicester he was absolutely amazing and at this moment I joke and say ‘I refuse to praise him’ because he can always do better.

He knows how happy I am. He knows how much I love the kid and the player and I’m proud of what we are doing and I’m so happy for Tammy.

We have got into this situation where I demand a lot from him because I know he can do amazingly well.

I don’t think it’s an easy decision for a young player to leave his club, his house, his city, his country and to leave the Premier League which is of course a competition that when a player is in its hard to leave.

He took that option and I think he took it because he trusted me. And I think in this moment, if he wants to go back to England – I don’t think he wants to no – but if he wants to go back to England he just needs to click his fingers and I’m so happy for him.

He’s back in the national team and is loved in Rome. I don’t say proven everybody wrong, because I think everyone knows he’s a good player and I think also, with Smalling, Tomori and Tammy, showing the English boys that there is life outside the Premier League and in Italy there’s a life that makes them even better players.”


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