OFFICIAL: Juventus sign Leandro Paredes


Juventus have officially confirmed the signing of Argentine midfielder Leando Paredes on loan from PSG. The Bianconeri confirmed the move this evening via a statement on the clubs website which states that the move will become permanent, should certain sporting objectives be achieved:

Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that an agreement has been finalized with Paris Saint-Germain Football s.a.s. for the free-of-charge temporary acquisition, until 30 June 2023, of the registration rights of the player Leandro Paredes.
The agreement further entails:
• the obligation for Juventus to definitely acquire the player’s registrations rights, subject to the achievement of certain given sporting objectives by the end of the season 2022/2023;
• the right for Juventus to definitively acquire the player’s registration rights in case these given objectives are not achieved.
In both cases, the agreed consideration for the definitive acquisition is € 22.6 million, already including the solidarity contribution envisaged by FIFA regulations, payable in three years, with the addition of ancillary costs of € 2.2 million; the consideration might be increased up to a maximum of € 3.0 milion upon achievement of further performance objectives over the duration of the employment contract with the player.
Upon achievement of specific sporting results and in the event that, neither the obligation nor the right to acquire the player’s registration rights should occur, Juventus will have to pay Paris Saint-Germain Football a consideration of € 2.5 million.”

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