Real Madrid interested in Juve’s Andrea Cambiaso


Il Corriere dello Sport report that the eyes of Real Madrid are on Italy for the 2024-2025 season, with Andrea Cambiaso from Juventus catching their attention. The player, who has been a standout performer for Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus this season, is now on the radar of the Spanish giants. Born in Genoa and nurtured in the Rossoblu youth academy, Cambiaso has showcased a remarkable rise in reliability, particularly as the undisputed left-back since mid-November.

The newspaper claim that rumors have surfaced from Madrid during this transfer window regarding Cambiaso, but the Spanish club has realized that it wasn’t the right time to approach the Bianconeri. Nevertheless, the interest is high, endorsed by Carlo Ancelotti and his family, including his trusted assistant, Davide Ancelotti. This essentially implies one thing: the intention is to wait for the upcoming summer transfer window and make a Real-worthy offer ranging between 40 and 50 million euros.

Juventus secured Cambiaso in the summer of 2022, acquiring him from Genoa for 8.5 million euros and sending him to play in Bologna, where he performed admirably. His successful stint earned him a promotion last summer. In the Bianconeri jersey, Andrea has featured in 19 league matches, contributing with 1 goal and 3 assists. Additionally, he has played 2 Coppa Italia matches, registering a goal and an assist. While not overtly emphasized, Cambiaso’s season has not gone unnoticed, with Premier League clubs expressing interest with inquiries around the 30-million mark, which were promptly dismissed.

If the reported interest from Real Madrid holds true and they indeed plan to table a significant offer in line with the prestige of the Madrid-based club, Juventus can strategize in July. This could involve pocketing a substantial capital gain with an offer in the vicinity of 45 million euros. While Fran Garcia is a recent investment by Real Madrid from the last summer transfer window (acquired for 5 million euros from Rayo Vallecano, born in 1999), Cambiaso (born in 2000) wasn’t the standout figure he is today.

Returning to Juventus, the left-back position might pave the way for a new investment if the funds are secured, possibly in the form of Riccardo Calafiori (born in 2002). Thiago Motta has successfully redefined Calafiori as a central defender, without neglecting his original role on the left flank, where, fortified by newfound confidence, he has also excelled, both with the Under 21 team and occasionally with the club. While the mentor’s decision at Genoa could influence Calafiori’s future, the allure of Juventus remains strong, and the esteem from Juventus Sporting Director Giuntoli is substantial.


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