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Sarri: “It is my responsibility, I will deal with the players”


Just as it seemed that Lazio found their groove this season as they embarked their Europa League campaign in spectacular fashion, the Biancocelesti were stunned in a 5-1 defeat Danish outfits Midtjylland this evening. A disjointed and fragile back-line enabled the home side to bag two goals under the half-hour mark. Just as it seemed like it could not have gotten worse, some poorly timed challenges permitted Midjtylland to increase their advantage by three goals, finding the back of the net twice from the spot and once from a set piece.

Following the fixture, Sarri spoke to Sky Italia and expressed his frustration following a horrific performance:

Unfortunately, at times Lazio do not turn up at all and it is even worse in Europe, because we had been making progress on that.

We had no humility at all. We thought that we’d fixed this problem, but with this mentality, you’ll get nothing out of your legs.

“It is my responsibility, I will deal with the players. I will demand an explanation from them, because I saw this immense arrogance and presumption. We were all standing still and with a low tempo, as if we were 4-0 up and cruising.

These sudden emotional collapses are similar to last year. It’s difficult to understand the motivation. I need to work out, if it’s me who has to take a step back, or a player who needs to leave.



Julian Faustini

21 years old, football writer for Footitalia. Calcio is my life and passion.