Spalletti: ‘We have to stay switched on’


Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti believes his team has to remain switched on, despite their excellent performance against Rangers in the Champions League. The Partenopei ran out 3-0 winners after James Sands was sent off for the home side, but Spalletti believes the team have to retain focus:

After this game we’ve got to keep our brains switched on and not get ahead of ourselves, even if it is a very important result,.

Rangers hadn’t been in the Champions League for 12 years, so we knew they’d have this ferocious start to the match in a legendary stadium, but we held out, we played, we never lost sight of our objective and where we wanted to take this game.

We did not use our quality enough in the final third during the first half, but then did it better after the break. What we did do was fight for every ball and we needed that here.

As we brought home the victory against Liverpool, failing to get three points this evening would’ve been like handing back that advantage we earned. It was difficult, but the team never had doubts on the attitude to take.

I am very happy with my lads, it is a signal for ourselves, because we need confirmation to make us believe in our capabilities. Those who came off the bench did really well, Ndombele showed great physical strength in those battles, he is tough to push off the ball.

Milan? They are a great team, we now need to recover and then go there to play our game, just as we did tonight. This is our path, we are sure of what we are doing and must continue like that.

We lost a few games, but we had a great season. Don’t act like our campaign was a failure. Did Carlo Ancelotti win the title two years earlier, with practically the same squad?”


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