Spalletti’s Napoli future in doubt?


A report from Il Corriere dello Sport claims that Luciano’s Spalletti’s future at Napoli remains in doubt, despite reportedly agreeing a contract extension until 2024-25. The newspaper claims that  Spalletti will not attend the presentation of the Dimaro-Folgarida annual summer training camp alongside club president Aurelio De Laurentiis today. The suggestion is that Spalletti is ‘farther away from Napoli’ at present, having already secured a historic Serie A title for the city and it’s fans.

The newspaper suggest that there remains ‘mystery’ surrounding Spalletti’s fate, pointing to the way in which the coach was handed a letter at the clubs HQ informing him of their intention to renew his contract by a further season.

Il Corriere report that coach and president met on Friday evening, in the presence of director Andrea Chiavelli, but have yet to announce the outcome of the meeting. The claim is that Spalletti’s recent comments may hint at uncertainty over his Napoli future:

“Correct steps have been taken in these two years. I am happy with the talks that have been addressed, I have reported what I wanted, but it is right that the details will be released by the club, when it sees fit. I can only continue and finish the job in the best way. And anyway, there is a bright future for Napoli.”



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