Fikayo Tomori: ‘We’ll have to fight harder’


Milan defender Fikayo Tomori believes the club will have to ‘fight harder’ to defend their Serie A title next season. The Rossoneri had a spectacular season, pipping both Inter and Juventus to the title, and speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Tomori was quick to point out the belief he had in his teammates:

“Yes, I knew this team was strong and we could win. I’m glad we did.

When did I know we would win? Only when Kessie scored the 3rd goal against Sassuolo on the final day, however, of course, in many moments we did well. Against Lazio, Fiorentina and Atalanta.

We told ourselves that we had to continue, every game by always fighting. In the end, when Franck scored that goal I was so happy.

“We’re happy now, but we’re starting with 0 points like the others, not 86. We’ll have to fight harder. We’re the champions, everyone will want to beat us.

Us being third favourites? Well, they said that last year, too, and instead.

We have confidence, we’re focused on ourselves, we know we’re strong. We still have a lot to prove but we won last year. Why not?

Yes, we feel stronger considering everyone’s confidence. We have the feeling that we can do something special.

We have done it before, but now we have a different pressure. We have to repeat ourselves. These days we worked harder than last year, we have to be ready.

Lukaku? My first game at Milan was against Romelu and that day I had respect for him, not fear. It will be the same this time.

Lukaku is strong, Inter are strong but so are we. We know the derby will be a special game.

Dusan and Romelu Marking them one-on-one is difficult, they are strong and fast, they have quality. The most important thing with both of them is to stay focused, be attentive to every movement, when they kick, when they attack the depth…

In Italy then you work differently than in England. Here you defend as a team, you move together. In England much less.

Origi? Divock is strong, he is fast, he can score goals. A good reinforcement for us. Adli is also strong, he has a good shot, he makes the right movements. He has to learn how we play but you can see he has quality.

Maignan? He talks too much! Mike has great character on the pitch, he always talks to everyone and he is a great goalkeeper. We have a good time with him, we are happy to have him in goal.

Zlatan? Ibra has a great character, his voice was with us even when he was not playing. He would tell us, ‘We have to be hungry like dogs, we’re first but we haven’t done anything.’

When there is a player like that in the locker room, he increases everyone’s spirit.

Yes, I like everything about Milan, even the city, the Champions League nights…. But now I am focused on the pitch, for things off the pitch we will see.

Italy? I like the people, the passion, both when we are at the San Siro and away from home. I am a quiet guy, a slow one, and Italy is like that. Milan goes at a lower pace than London, I like it a lot.”


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