Vickor Orban offers €8m to host SuperCoppa


Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has proposed playing the Supercoppa Italiana in Budapest and the offer is reportedly being considered. The cup has, in past years, been played in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China, but returned to Milan last year.

This years edition is set to be fought out between the Milan sides and La Repubblica report that the proposal from Hungary is being given serious consideration by leading profiles in Italian football but there are those who would be opposed to the venue for political reasons, including the president of Lega Serie A Casini.

Both Milan and Inter are reportedly in favour of playing in Hungary, as it would avoid a round trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the SuperCoppa was last played in 2019.

Orban has offered €8m to host the Supercoppa at the Pancho Aréna in Felcsút, a stadium that has a 4,000 capacity and sits 35km from Budapest.


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