Why Juventus are signing Leandro Paredes


The following is a scouting report of new Juventus midfielder Leandro Paredes by J Analyst – please follow him here on Twitter.

Leandro Paredes – Position and role

  • Parades plays his best football at the number ‘5’ position, deeper with two midfielders (3-man midfield).
  • His finest role is that of a regista or deep-lying midfielder.


Paredes 1

Maintaining a balanced system

The focal point of the system is Paredes as he gives his teams a healthy balance and also knows when to lower or increase the tempo. Despite having exceptional dribbling skills, he relies more on passing than carrying the ball forward because he dislikes being out of position.

Breaking the lines

Breaking the lines

  • His most impressive quality is the ability to supply passes that break the lines.
  • His vision and accurate passing makes him a lethal weapon in attacking phases.

Paredes 2

Mobility and reactivity

  • When opponents man-mark him, he likes to move horizontally/vertically to open diagonal passing lanes and to create space for teammates.


Paredes stays deep.

He stays deep rather than offering a passing lane option inward. He has good decision making; when there is no option, he does not take risks, rather, he recycles possession which extends the time between phases.

Paredes 1

World class passing

  • Through balls behind the defence.
  • Disguised passing.
  • Quality long passing.
  • 1st touch passing with interception.


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