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Why so quiet, Paul???


Whilst rumours fly around of the usual suspects, changing direction with the wind, there is close to nothing of much substance regarding a certain former player who many would love to see return to the club.

Pogba has been bang average since moving to United. All the expectation and hope of him cementing his place as one of the greatest players of his generation have been dashed to dullness. Yes yes! He won the world cup, yet his general club form has been significantly below what we witnessed of his time in Turin. And with just a year left on his contract, plentiful skirmishes between the United management and Raiola it is assured that something has to give soon.

An extension seems unlikely given the United project is building more without him than with him. Also, I suspect the hierarchy are keen to dissolve relations with Raiola. No chance can they afford to allow his contract to run down and see a huge asset leave for free next year. The scales lean towards his departure.

Most (me included) have been assuming he will head to PSG for mega money or to Real, with Juve a distant possibility. However the Ronaldo saga may well be connected to the perceived silence of the frenchman’s impending move elsewhere. With United one of two probable options for the evergreen superstar, and perhaps more likely than PSG, given the fairytale potential.

Add to this story the return of Max Allegri, with whom Pogba enjoyed not just a brilliant, healthy relationship but also gave the best form of his career to date.

I had an inkling earlier that this relative quietude of Pogba’s future could well be due to his move already arranged, but pending…pending Ronaldo sorting out his wide array of financial concerns before making the move in the opposite direction, likely with us sending a bag of gold for company. Pending also many other things such as the UEFA ruling against us and the future of Donnarumma, which may well be pending any sale of Tek. So many dominoes to fall before this idea can come to fruition, and probably more factors involved than I have mentioned Such as sales of Demiral, perhaps a sale of Dybala, perhaps a sale of someone else we are not expecting to move…

I have been previously against any move to bring him ‘home’. Mainly the wages and his downward turn when placed in a situation where he is by far the brightest star, which was not the case at Juve. His mentality is questionable. And yet…I have not lost the knowledge of his world class technique, his ability to shield, create shoot, glide past players at walking pace. He could seriously kickstart a seismic resurgence of Juve. And if there is one star player I would like to see the club sign, it is he. For it is possible, that we could return him to regular talk of the game’s greatest players as he could spearhead our own new cycle gearing up towards being spoken of as one of the greatest sides…

Something is afoot with Pogba.

If this move happens, and still I doubt this, his return would very much assuage any bother with the fans and plummet of share price IF Ronaldo leaves as well as bring hope and belief that the club are very serious indeed of turning our fortunes around. It seems to make sense on many levels, for many parties concerned…