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Zaniolo: ‘Injuries helped me grow’


Roma star Nicolo Zaniolo believes the injuries he suffered in recent years have helped him grow as a person. The 22-year-old has suffered two ACL tears in as many years, leaving him on the sidelines for extended periods. Despite this, he explained to UEFA how these have affected his personal outlook for the better:

The two injuries I suffered helped me grow as a person. You have to maintain your balance in good and bad moments: you don’t have to go to the stars when something’s going your way, just as you don’t have to feel like the last person on earth when things go wrong.

I don’t feel like a top player, I feel like a footballer: I know I have qualities, I know I have to improve a lot of other things too.

I hear what people who live on football here so you naturally feel a great responsibility to represent Roma.

You must accept the pressure and you must learn to convince the fans.

We played three European semi-finals, this year it’s time to go to the final.”


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