Alex Sandro: ‘My story with Juventus was beautiful’


Alex Sandro bid farewell to Juventus after nine years with the club, reflecting on his ‘beautiful’ journey with the Bianconeri. The Brazilian international is set to leave the Old Lady when his contract ends next month, with reports linking him with a return to Brazil. Speaking with Sky Sport Italia after Juve’s 2-0 win over Monza, the 33-year-old reflected on his time in Turin and his best moments in the black and white colours:

Emotions Running High

“Yes, not just today. For the past two weeks, I’ve been crying every day. But it’s a beautiful emotion,” Sandro revealed, his voice tinged with nostalgia.

Reflecting on His Journey

“It’s a beautiful story. When I arrived, I never imagined I could achieve these numbers,” he said. “Along with these numbers come many people, many moments, many beautiful days. I thank everyone who has been part of this story.”

Cherishing the Best Moments

“This last moment is the best,” Sandro continued. “I have felt the love of the fans and my teammates.”

A Special Bond with Danilo

“I have a beautiful history with Danilo that spans many years. I thank him for everything. He is part of my family,” Sandro stated, highlighting the close bond he shares with his long-time teammate.

Overcoming Difficult Times

“There have been difficult moments for everyone, like when COVID hit, and when we had points deducted and reinstated. But we stayed united,” Sandro recalled. “Everyone who was there at that time has grown a lot, including myself. We got through it and did our best with what we had. We grew and learned. I thank everyone for being together.”

Handling Criticism and Praise

“I even thank those who criticized. When a fan boos, it’s because they want the best from the player. Sometimes it’s necessary, why not? Of course, applause is more pleasant, but I thank everyone for both the boos and the applause and the words,” Sandro said, showing gratitude for all forms of feedback.

A Memorable Goal and Future Plans

“It was beautiful. Before the match, Szczesny and Rugani told me I would score with a header at the near post. And that’s exactly how it happened, so thanks to them,” Sandro recounted with a smile. As for his future, he remains uncertain: “I don’t know yet, maybe Brazil? I don’t know yet, but I want to win many things. I know I feel good and can do a lot in football. So, it will be a surprise.”


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