Allegri: ‘I’m sorry it ended like this for Bonucci’


Juventus coach Max Allegri is ‘sorry’ that Leonardo Bonucci is ending his Juventus career by being left out of the squad. The Bianconeri made the decision to drop the former captain for the new campaign, however Bonucci has remained adamant that he wants to be reinstated to the team. The situation has got bad enough for the 35-year-old to threaten the club with possible legal action, but speaking with DAZN, Allegri explained that Bonucci has been aware of the clubs choice for some time now:

“The Napoli scudetto – Did it give me pleasure for the city? It’s an element of richness, they did well. There has been planning there, it all starts with Benitez and ends with Spalletti. From the point of view of the game? They played very well, Osimhen is among the best in the world, he shifts the balance”.

“Spalletti? Luciano I believe is one of the best in Italy. This is proven by his career and how he makes teams play, the results he has achieved. The post Mancini era, it was right to give it to Spalletti, the crowning achievement of the Scudetto and the career he’s had.”

“Bonucci? I’m sorry it ended like this. We’ve been clear with Leo since last February, I’ve spoken to him several times. Both I and the club said that next year would be a year in which he would have to decide whether to continue elsewhere or stop. When you get to the age of 36, you’ve made Juve history, 500 games and you’ve been a player on the pitch even lame… He has given so much to Juve, Juve has given so much to him. He has to make an important decision for him, looking at the future and not at one year. He is young. What I’m saying I told him in times not under suspicion: it’s normal that a champion like him arrives at the end of his career, if it’s not this year it will be next year, and the fear of quitting is there, it’s normal. I wasn’t a champion, quitting was easy for me. The dynamics are the same. The difference is that one has to have the ability to accept: if he does it first, it’s good for himself. Otherwise it’s boring. For me it was important, decisive. He remains in the history of Juve, 500 games are made in a few”.

“Chiesa? He’s over there in the dressing room. Grounded? No, no (laughs, ed.). Now he has full confidence. I saw him this year and he has a different approach. He has to convince himself that he’s a forward, he is. Then maybe he goes outside or in the middle, but he has to score goals. With his characteristics, he’s a player who is dull when he shoots. It hurts.”


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