Allegri: ‘Juventus are less worried about the Growth Decree because they have a wealth of young players’


Max Allegri is looking forward to the match against Roma and says Juventus are less worried about the  scrapping of the Growth Decree because of their investment in youth. The two sides square of at the Juventus Stadium on Sunday evening, and speaking with the press, Allegri explained what kind of match he is expecting against the Giallorossi:

“We are in a good moment but as we know football lives on balance. We have to keep our feet on the ground and think about tomorrow, we’re not even halfway through the season. At the moment we have 40 points and tomorrow we will face Roma who are a very tough team because they have one of the best coaches on the bench. They have talented players, we have to play a game of attention and patience”.

“Apart from De Sciglio who has done some training with the team and Alex Sandro for whom we need 10 days, the others are fine. Even Kean is still far from returning. However, distractions are around the corner. Tomorrow morning I’ll have to decide whether to play Weah or Mckennie on the right. Chiesa is better. In attack I will decide tomorrow morning who to play, the important thing is that they are all well”.

“When we concede goals we are not used to, both in Frosinone and Genoa, we talked about it because the details make the difference. When you lower your attention and you are calm that you won’t get goals, you make mistakes of lightness.”

“I am happy with the work we have done but it is not enough. I am happy to have worked with Andrea Agnelli and all the others who have worked here. Since 7 October 2021 we have messed up from the outside and from there we have continued to work. In Juventus, coaches, players and sporting directors pass away, but what remains is Juventus. We want to try to finish in the top 4, as last year we managed it but they forbade us to do so.”

“My contract expiry in 2025? I won’t say anything to the club because now we have to think about the pitch and work. Some youngsters are also playing and it’s a credit to the previous 10 years. Growth decree? Juventus is less worried because they have a wealth of youngsters: the credit goes to those who chose them and made them grow, I found them. The rest doesn’t matter because you have to think about getting into the Champions League’.

“Vlahovic is an important player and he is growing. Juventus made an important investment: he has a 10-year career ahead of him, but I wish him even more. When you have a young average age it’s normal that you grow if you have technical qualities and the whole team is doing that.”

“What counts is the result, otherwise what are the points for? When I went home after losing as a kid, I wasn’t happy. A wish for the new year? To be well and try to get results.


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