Allegri lawyer denies Tuttosport allegations, newspaper responds


Max Allegri’s lawyer has denied reports that he made personal threats to Tuttosport editor Guidi Vaciago, including threats to ‘rip both his ears out.’ Vaciago published a story in Tuttosport earlier today, alleging that Allegri had hurled insults at him before grabbing him by the arm.

An article published by ANSA news agency included a statement from Allegri’s attorney Paolo Rodella, and read:

“In a statement released by his lawyer, Paolo Rodella, to ANSA, Massimiliano Allegri ‘completely denies’ the reconstruction of the events that took place in the tunnel at the Stadio Olimpico with Tuttosport director Guido Vaciago, and specifies that it was simply ‘a heated verbal altercation with the director, due to the excitement of the moment, during which both of them insulted each other loudly.”

Vaciago has now released a further editorial, insisting that the events transpired as they had originally published:

“Lawyer Paolo Rodella, through his statement to ANSA, accuses me of providing a “false” reconstruction of the events that occurred at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday evening between his client Massimiliano Allegri and me. This accusation may be even more serious than the incident itself, which, as far as I am concerned, was already in the past and which I am forced to revisit. I urge all parties to be more precise in reconstructing the episode, especially because it unfolded in front of several witnesses, including Manuele Tigani, the responsible manager for Broadcast at Serie A League, who made efforts to stop Allegri; Gabriella Ravizzotti from the Juventus Press Office; at least two stewards from the Olympic Stadium; a representative of law enforcement, and three journalists.

I reiterate that it was not an altercation but a monologue by Massimiliano Allegri, who called out to me while I was about twenty meters away from him, engaged in a private phone call and not paying him any attention. He addressed me with the phrase: “Hang up the phone, you piece of crap director.” He continued with all the phrases reported in my reconstruction, including the threat to “come and get me” and to “rip off my ears.” He forcefully grabbed my right wrist, pulling it several times while speaking loudly. I never insulted him or raised my voice, as the witnesses can confirm. I simply said in a very normal tone of voice, “Stay calm, Max,” and twice, “Be careful, what you’re saying is serious.” I reiterate that this morning the matter was in the past for me, and I hope not to have to revisit it again.

Rodella’s statements to ANSA deny my version of events entirely, claiming that there was only a heated verbal altercation due to the tension of the moment, during which both of us exchanged loud insults. They categorically deny any pushing or pulling from Allegri towards me, as well as any direct threats. Any other reconstruction or description of events is deemed false and is appreciated purely and simply for hidden, pretextual, and unfounded purposes. This clarification was necessary for the sake of truth.”


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