Allegri responds to Juventus, denies dismissal accusations: Legal battle looms


Calciomercato report that former Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has taken his time but has now decided to engage in a legal battle with the Bianconeri following his sacking. According to the report, the former Juve coach sent a letter, certified by his lawyers, to the club, rejecting the accusations outlined in the dismissal statement. Allegri disputed and denied the reconstruction of events following the Coppa Italia final win against Atalanta, which led to his removal due to his post-game behavior.

Allegri received the letter containing Juventus’ official reasons for his dismissal and chose to respond. The accusation was that he exhibited behavior detrimental to the club’s image during the aforementioned post-match period. However, the Livorno-born coach argues that the events have been exaggerated. He completely denies the accusations, insisting that he is not guilty of the alleged misconduct.

Juventus now have to decide the next steps. Allegri is still under contract for another year, with a salary of €7+2 million  per year (grossing €18 million in total, reaching €20 million gross overall). This amount could have been “saved” if he were dismissed for just cause. By rejecting the accusations, obtaining such a dismissal will require a legal battle, potentially leading to a case in the Labor Tribunal. Alternatively, the parties might attempt an economic mediation, negotiating a severance package to resolve the matter amicably.


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