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Allegri: ‘Ten teams better than Juve in Europe’


Juventus coach Max Allegri believes there are at ‘ten teams in Europe superior to Juventus’ in Europe at the moment. The Bianconeri boss was speaking after the clubs dismal 3-0 defeat to Villarreal in the Champions League and was visibly annoyed at journalists post-match.

Allegri stated that he wouldn’t change a thing after the shock defeat in which the team performed poorly and failed to create anything of note in the second half. Speaking to Amazon Prime Video, Allegri was once again vocal about the defeat and shared a frank interpretation of the result:

“I knew that people would talk about a failure in case of elimination, but that’s intellectual dishonesty. I know the value of team. We’ve been using the same players for two months, we are in the race for the top four and the Coppa Italia. I have nothing to reproach the guys. They are doing extraordinary things.

The season is ongoing, we have targets to reach. We are disappointed and we’ll make our assessments to improve the team. We do that every year. We also need to be realists. There are ten teams in Europe superior to Juventus. It’s no shame, it’s a fact.

I agree that we had to qualify today, but it was not easy. It’s useless to talk now, we must remain quiet, focus on the league and the Coppa Italia to see if we can take a trophy at home.”



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