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Allegri: ‘The derby win can be a turning point’


Max Allegri was pleased with Juve’s 4-2 win over Torino as he believes his team can use the victory to turn their season around. The Bianconeri have faced their share of problems both on and off the pitch this season but managed to comeback twice against city rivals Torino, a match that saw the debut of French midfielder Paul Pogba, seven months after signing for the club. Speaking in his post-match press conference, Allegri spoke about the teams performance, his tactical choices, including the decision to start youngster Enzo Barrenechea over Leandro Paredes:

Were you satisfied with the first half?

“We made a mistake because we went too far behind them and they are good at dribbling and we had to be patient. Then football is strange, we got a goal after one minute and after equalising we made a lot of technical mistakes. In the second half we were better and the interpretation of the game was right and we had the maturity to play games in different ways.”

Could the Europa League have had an impact?

“On Thursday we spent a lot of energy on a mental level because we came from a heavy week with the obligation to always get a result. The way you look at the league table you always have to win. If you look at the standings of 35 points, tonight it was important to win in order to break away from Toro and catch Bologna, but you have to be clear about what we have to do and then you have to get to 50 points, taking away those points we should have won against Salernitana. On the field we have to get the points to stay in the top four and I’m happy with what the lads did”.

Why did you choose Barrenechea? Is it a rejection for Paredes?

“Barrenechea, like Iling, Soulè, Fagioli and Miretti are players who come from Next Gen and should be considered first team players. Tonight I made the choice of Enzo, he had given me important signs. He can improve, I took him off when he was doing better, in a complicated game. I’m happy with what he did, I’m sorry for Paredes who didn’t play but I have to make choices. Everyone who is called upon must be ready.”

A verdict on Pogba?

“He played well after a year in which he didn’t play a game. Everyone came in well, to get results everyone has to be ready for their team-mates.”

What could Pogba’s tactical positioning be?

“Tonight we ended up with Rabiot in front of the defence and Pogba on the left. But there are a lot of games, substitutions are important, everyone has to feel involved otherwise we won’t make it to the end”.

Was the 2-2 draw in the first half crucial?

“Going into half-time at 2-2 was fundamental. The second half went much better, then the changes increased the technical level.”

How do you assess Kostic’s performance?

“Filip played an important game, he has a great ability with the man in front to put the ball in the middle. He is improving a lot in both phases. I am happy.”

Can this be the turning point derby?

“Absolutely yes, because we had never won by conceding two goals, we won on the bounce twice. We must continue with this mentality and conviction, we can only do it if the team works as a team and everyone feels useful and at the service of their team-mates. If today those who came off the bench played badly it would sink the team. Who comes in is much more important than who goes out. Once it is the turn of one and then it is the turn of the other. Maybe those who don’t play can get angry, but I make these choices for the team.”

Did you expect this performance from Torino?

“Torino wasted a lot of energy. We made a lot of mistakes because they were very good. Playing against Torino is always very difficult because anything can happen.”


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