Allegri: ‘We have a competitive squad’


Juventus coach Max Allegri believes Juventus have a competitive squad, but the favourite for the Scudetto is whoever won it the year before. The Bianconeri travel to Empoli tomorrow evening following a disappointing home draw against Bologna last weekend.

Speaking ahead of the game, Allegri pointed to the competitive nature of the title race this season, highlighting the strengths of their direct opponents, saying he and the team will take stock in December:


“Pitfalls? It’s the same for all matches. Tomorrow we will find a team that will try to score their first points. We will have to give continuity to the first two results we have done. They play as in their DNA. We must play a solid and technical match without underestimating them.”

“There is no starting defence. I have 6 players, Huijsen is also there. Everyone is reliable. Bremer, Danilo, Alex Sandro played in the first matches, tomorrow Bremer and Danilo will play, I have a doubt between Alex Sandro and Gatti “.

“After the Bologna game? I wasn’t feeling so well, I spoke to Landucci and I preferred to send him to talk, it’s as if I were talking. It’s the first time in 20 years, I wasn’t feeling well. I’ve been half battered all week, I was the first one who was sorry, but it happened like this and it won’t happen again.”

“Fagioli? He’s improving his condition, with the fracture he missed training with us, he played but he didn’t always miss the friendlies. He can become a good playmaker, but at the moment Locatelli is the starter. He’s doing well, I’m sorry for the boos aimed at him on Sunday when he came out, as well as for Alex Sandro. They are reliable, as everyone can do more or less well from time to time. But I have no doubts about their reliability, their professionalism.”

“Right flank? There’s also McKennie. We’re at the beginning, when the players take over I have to understand what contribution they can make to the team. Cambiaso can also play on the right. He comes inside the pitch a lot so for him right or left makes little difference.”

“The transfer market? This year the first objective is to arrive on December 30th after Roma at home, draw a line and see where we are in the standings. The objective is to be in the top 4, or close to the top 4, and then play our cards in the second phase of the championship. The objective is to be competitive again, because last year we entered the top 4 and play in the Champions League next year.

“It takes 86-90 points to win the championship. Napoli are favorites because they won the scudetto, Milan played excellent yesterday but we are at the beginning and we need to work. We are focusing on ourselves, to enter the top 4 this year we will have to do something important. The top 4 will emerge from a grid of 8 teams: Juve, Napoli, Milan, Inter, Atalanta, Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina.”

“The squad? It’s a competitive squad. We work every day to improve the players’ performances. Then there are the opponents. This year with a balanced championship it will be very difficult to enter the top 4 for the Champions League. You need to score 76 points.

“Szczesny? He won’t be there, he’ll be back after the break. He’s better but he’s not in good condition”

“Vlahovic? I see him as calm because he’s better physically. Then the attackers are better when they score and he scored in the first two. Last year he wasn’t well but he scored 9-10 goals in the league. He will score goals and I am calm about his season. As well as Chiesa, Kean, Milik. Difficult because having a match there are players who may not play for 2-3 weeks.

“Kostic on the market?No. Cambiaso had played in Udine and was more suited to him. On Sunday I proposed Cambiaso again. Maybe tomorrow he will be the starter. He’s reliable, he made 12 assists last year. With a match there are players who will play less.

“Pogba? I have to consider him as he comes from an injury. The other day he made an important play against Bologna. A player who, when he is even at 70%, is different from all the others.”

“The title? The favourite is whoever wins the year before. As I said last week, Napoli has a player like Osimhen who shifts the balance of the match. Milan and Inter are equipped for the final victory. We will have to be good at arriving in December in the best possible way. I still have to understand the changes, who can give me more by taking over, the 5 changes must serve to keep the pace high.

“Alternative to Locatelli? Rabiot can play, I let Miretti play. We have players, but if Locatelli is missing we can have two in midfield.


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