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Allegri: ‘You see games, but you don’t watch them’


Juventus coach Max Allegri believes VAR may not have spotted Antonio Candreva in the run up to Juve’s disallowed goal. The match ended in controversy as the Bianconeri netted a late winner but the goal was disallowed by VAR, leading to a heated argument and a number of players sent off by the referee. Speaking to DAZN after the game, Allegri offered his view of the match:

“Was it a very bad performance? No, you say so, you see games, but you don’t watch them. The opening 20 minutes were very good. Then we conceded this goal from a wrong decision by Cuadrado.

I never talk to referees after games, a goal was disallowed and it’s a fact. The only thing is that I’d like to watch the video again. Antonio Candreva is close to the corner and we haven’t seen that video, what if he keeps everyone onside? We don’t have that video, nobody has it, so I don’t know.

However, referees must be left alone, the protagonists are the footballers. We have 10-15 good referees in Italy.

Benfica? We’ll play and see, I am optimistic, games can get complicated, but the reaction in the second half was great. I can compliment the lads for the performance in the second half. The referee was good and took a crucial decision at the end of the game.

We should have gone to the break down to one goal, but we conceded a penalty kick in the stoppages. We had several shots on targets in the opening 20 minutes and other favourable situations.

The performance of the second half was good. At least we prepare for the Champions League game with a draw and not a defeat so the mood is different.

We had never gone down until today and I wanted to see the reaction. It can happen to go down, but you can’t lose the order. It also happened in the previous games, we must make a further step forward, we must manage some situations well.”

There are some young players, you don’t get personality immediately. It takes time to become accustomed to winning,.

I am sorry we didn’t win, we are four points behind the leaders. I saw a reaction, now we must go to eat and prepare for the game against Benfica well.”


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