Allegri’s departure from Juventus: A quick ten-minute farewell


The end of Massimiliano Allegri’s tenure at Juventus was remarkably brief, lasting just ten minutes, as reported by Corriere dello Sport. The details of this swift parting reveal underlying tensions and controversies that led to the club’s decision. Juventus CEO Maurizio Scanavino delivered the news to Allegri, marking the conclusion of their professional relationship following a series of incidents that unfolded after the Coppa Italia final. Despite the intensity and duration of Allegri’s time with the club, the actual dismissal was succinct, with only a few formal exchanges.

The club’s motivations for parting ways with Allegri were outlined in a letter delivered by their lawyer. The letter detailed five key points of contention:

1. Reactions Against Referees: Allegri’s confrontational behavior towards referees in the closing moments of the Atalanta-Juventus match.
2. Damage to Photographic Equipment: Allegri was accused by LaPresse of damaging their equipment.
3. Altercation with Tuttosport’s Director: Although this issue was later resolved, it was noted in the letter.
4. Shouting at Security Personnel: Allegri’s alleged aggressive behavior towards security staff, a point he contested.
5. Argument with Sporting Director Giuntoli: A heated exchange that reportedly continued until the team boarded the bus back to the hotel.

As of now, there has been no official move by the club’s ownership to negotiate the remaining salary owed to Allegri, which amounts to €7 million net per year until June 30, 2025. Contrary to some rumors, Allegri has not rejected a severance package proposal.


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