Allegri’s Press Conference: Chiesa Injured, Kean’s Status, and Milan’s Title Aspirations


As Juventus prepare for the upcoming clash against Empoli, manager Massimiliano Allegri took the podium to discuss various aspects of the team, including injuries, upcoming matches, and the competitive Serie A landscape.

Following the triumphant away fixture against Lecce, where Juventus temporarily claimed the top spot in the standings, Allegri emphasized the need for continued focus and effort in the upcoming matches. The team has secured five victories in the last five outings, aiming to build on this positive streak against Empoli.

Concerning the squad’s physical condition, Allegri provided insights, stating, “Djaló trained with the team this morning, and we will assess his physical condition. We’ll gradually reintegrate him, considering his return from a lengthy injury. The team is in good shape both physically and mentally, understanding the importance of tomorrow’s match.”

However, the news wasn’t entirely positive as Allegri revealed that Federico Chiesa would not be available for the upcoming match. He said, “Chiesa won’t be available tomorrow; he has done little or nothing this week. We hope to have him at least on the bench against Inter. He is a player we need to recover; everyone must be in the best condition.”

Addressing the midfield, Allegri discussed the possible replacement for Rabiot, considering Miretti for the role. He expressed some uncertainty about the wingers and mentioned, “Danilo is doubtful because he’s on a yellow card; I will decide whether to play him.”

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When asked about the team’s perception of leading the league, Allegri commented, “We probably didn’t even notice it. Then there’s Milan, which can make a comeback. We need to work and maintain balance, focusing on one game at a time. This year, we have one game every seven days. When we have one every three days, we’ll think every three days. Football is tricky; we must stay focused. We can only improve for the next 4-5 years.”

Regarding the impossible goal mentioned after the Lecce match, Allegri clarified, “I wasn’t talking about the title; I was just focused on giving our best. We must believe in what we do. If there are teams better than us at the end of the season, we will applaud. But we must move forward with conviction without setting limits.”

Allegri also touched on Jurgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool, expressing that Klopp will embark on new and significant challenges in his coaching career outside Liverpool.

Looking ahead to the clash with Inter next week, Allegri played down the notion of a direct confrontation for the Scudetto, stating, “It’s not a matter of direct confrontation; call it Juve-Inter, not a title showdown. Milan has the credentials to rejoin the title race. We must stay focused on Empoli; there are still many points at stake.”

On young talent Miretti, Allegri noted, “He’s a 2003-born player who has already played about fifteen games and has fifty appearances with Juve. He does good and not-so-good things. Given his potential, he can do much better, but he is doing well. Like all young players, they need to be allowed to grow and managed during downturns.”

When questioned about the potential impact of entering the Inter match with a points advantage, Allegri dismissed calculations, emphasizing the need to focus solely on the Empoli match. He concluded, “I don’t like these calculations; I only think about the Empoli match. We need to do ordinary things, nothing extraordinary. We must be organized without losing rhythm, then we’ll prepare for the next one. +4 or -4 is not something I consider.”

As the press conference concluded, Allegri provided insights into the potential lineup, mentioning the importance of substitutes and hinting at the possible departure of Moise Kean. He affirmed, “Now he is a Juventus player, and we have only three or four days left in the transfer window.”

Additionally, Allegri expressed confidence in Arkadiusz Milik, commending his mental state after a recent Coppa Italia hat-trick. He emphasized the need for a collective spirit to secure a spot in the Champions League, anticipating more games in the next season.


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