Alvaro Morata: “I’m Happier Outside Spain, There’s No Respect Here”


Alvaro Morata, a transfer target for Milan, has expressed his frustrations with life in Spain, hinting at a possible move abroad. The Spanish striker, currently with Atletico Madrid, made these revelations in a recent interview with “El Mundo.”

“I’m not unhappy at all. But it’s true that in Spain, it’s very difficult for me to be happy,” Morata stated. He elaborated on the challenges he faces in his home country, citing constant scrutiny and criticism. “The other day, for simply whistling at journalists, a gesture I thought would stay between us, it was picked up by some journalist… It was just a simple gesture, yet someone took advantage of it to criticize, as always.”

Morata didn’t hold back in expressing his discontent with the lack of respect in Spain. “Am I happier outside of Spain? Yes, without a doubt. I’ve said it many times. Especially because people respect me. In Spain, there’s no respect for anything or anyone.”

The striker also addressed speculation about his future with the Spanish national team. “If I’ll say goodbye to the national team after the Euros? Maybe, it’s a possibility I don’t want to talk much about, but it’s likely,” he admitted.

When asked about his recent social media post affirming his commitment to Atletico Madrid, Morata’s response was ambiguous. “Yes, okay, but… I said I’m dying to win titles with Atlético, but then you have to evaluate what’s worth it and what’s not.”

These comments come amidst strong interest from AC Milan, with reports suggesting that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has personally reached out to Morata to convince him to join the Italian club. The Rossoneri are reportedly ready to trigger his release clause and negotiate personal terms.

As Morata prepares for Spain’s Euro 2024 semi-final against France, his future remains uncertain. His remarks about feeling happier and more respected outside of Spain could potentially pave the way for a move to Milan or another foreign club in the near future.


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