Ancelotti: ‘I’m Confident In My Innocence’


Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti addressed allegations of tax evasion, saying he is confident in his own innocence. News emerged yesterday that the Italian coach was being pursued for alleged tax invasion, but speaking after Real’s 1-1 draw with RB Leipzig, Ancelotti insisted there was nothing to worry about:

“It was a poorly played match, with little intensity and focus. The psychological aspect made the difference and heavily influenced us,” Ancelotti remarked.

Facing a quality opponent with nothing to lose, Ancelotti acknowledged that his team struggled. “We played against a quality opponent that had nothing to lose, while we were held back and suffered. But the important thing was to reach the quarter-finals,” he continued.

Analyzing the game plan, Ancelotti admitted shortcomings. “We wanted to press more, but instead, we defended too deep. We lacked verticality; it was a bad night, and it’s evident. We need to take responsibility. However, in a Champions League match, such performances can happen, but the crucial thing is that it didn’t affect our progression to the next round. Now, calmly, we need to evaluate and focus on the next game. We must be self-critical but without exaggeration,” Ancelotti explained.

Addressing allegations of tax evasion dating back to 2015, Ancelotti maintained his innocence. “There’s talk of something that happened in 2015 because they think I was a resident here. I’ve already paid the fine. I’m confident in my innocence; we’ll see what the judge decides,” Ancelotti concluded.


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