Antonio Conte to join Napoli today


Napoli are expected to announce the signing of Antonio Conte today, after the coach reached an agreement with club owner Aurelio De Laurentiis. The first footage of Conte and De Laurentiis emerged yesterday evening, following a dinner meeting between the two, which also included director Giovanni Manna.

Conte arrived in Rome yesterday afternoon from his home in Turin, met with De Laurentiis at his FilmAuro offices before the trio headed out for dinner.

Sportitalia captured the moment as Conte, De Laurentiis, and Manna left the restaurant together, sharing a car, which has fueled speculation about Conte’s imminent appointment as Napoli’s head coach. According to sources, Napoli is expected to officially announce Conte’s position on Wednesday, following the club’s tradition of revealing such news via De Laurentiis’ social media accounts.

Conte is set to sign a three-year contract with Napoli, with an annual salary of approximately €6.5 million plus bonuses.


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