Arrigo Sacchi Analyzes Inter’s Victory Over Juventus: “Courage Pays Off, Juve Too Defensive for San Siro”


Former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi analysed Inter’s 1-0 win over Juventus, saying the Nerazzurri ‘had more courage, they tried to create something.’ A Federico Gatti own-goal was enough to settle the tie, and speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sacchi explained why he believes it was a deserved win for the side who showed more motivation in the tie:

A fair result?

“I would say yes. Inter had at least five or six balls to double, while in Juve the best was the goalkeeper. That says a lot about how the match unfolded’.

Did you expect a challenge like that?

“Juve were all in defence, eleven men behind the ball line. I’m talking about the first half, of course. Inter had more courage, they tried to create something and, in the end, this courage was rewarded. On the other hand, risk is the basis of every adventure, and if you don’t take risks, you fall into the past, you are old”.

What did you like most about Inter?

“Very good at the back, where they conceded practically nothing. Always alert and focused, always ready to strike back blow after blow. And in attack they were good because they put the Bianconeri rearguard in trouble on more than one occasion.”

Judgement on Thuram?

“An intelligent striker, modern, generous, who plays with the team and for the team. The goal, even if it was an own goal by Gatti, is all thanks to him: if he hadn’t put pressure on the defender, the action would have ended there. Rather, I have a curiosity.

Go ahead….

“Why did Inzaghi substitute him? Thuram, for the restarts, seemed perfect. With Arnautovic it’s harder to play on the counter-attack, isn’t it?”.

Did you think Juve could do anything more?

“Juve are like this. Behind they are strong, they have muscle and power. They waited and tried to close the spaces. Then, in the second half, they tried to equalise, they made an effort, but Inter’s superiority seemed clear to me. The Nerazzurri have something more, useless to deny it.

So they are the favourites for the title.

‘Favourites yes, but that does not mean they have already won it. If they think they have reached the finishing line, that’s the time they go into crisis. They must always be determined, gritty and focused like against Juve. This victory was also a demonstration of a remarkable psychological condition. It seems to me that the whole Nerazzurri group is tuned on the same wavelength’.

Was the Bianconeri’s attack too light?

“On balance, Juve only had one real chance, in the first half, when McKennie served Vlahovic and the Serbian miscontrolled. Too little if you want to get out of the San Siro unscathed. You know, I like teams that want to be protagonists on the pitch, and Juve is not in this group”.

Where does Inter need to improve?

“In pressing. If you don’t press, the opponents always have the chance to comfortably start the action. Inter have the players to be able to press, they have to try.”


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