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Arrivabene: ‘Dybala’s contract won’t be renewed’


Juventus director Maurizio Arrivabene has confirmed that the club will not be renewing the contract of Paulo Dybala. The news leaked yesterday afternoon, but the club have now confirmed the details to the media.

Speaking to the gathered press, Arrivabene explained the clubs reasoning for taking the decision:

The most important change is that Juventus have not renewed Paulo Dybala’s contract. With the market I reiterated this, the approach was sincere.

With the purchases made in January, with the arrival of Vlahovic, Paulo’s position was no longer at the centre of the project. That’s why this kind of decision was preferred.

The parameters were different, I had already spoken about it, no one has ever questioned Paulo’s ability. There were considerations to be made about appearances, length and financial considerations.

We made our choices in January, we got here. It would have been easy for Juventus to make a low bid, but it would have been disrespectful towards Paulo. The decision is made. Today’s meeting was friendly, clear and respectful.”


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