Diario AS: ‘UEFA threatened Juventus with disqualification over Superleague’


Spanish newspaper AS claim “there is irrefutable evidence that UEFA threatened Juve with expulsion from Europe for three years” if they didn’t withdraw from the Superleague. The news follows an official announcement from the Bianconeri that they are planning to withdraw from the project and have informed fellow Superleague clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona of their intentions.

Spanish newspaper AS now claim that there is proof that Juventus were threatened with disqualification from UEFA competitions for three years, if they failed to withdraw from the Superleague. The articles reads:

“There is irrefutable evidence that UEFA threatened Juve with expulsion from Europe for three years – Superliga and A22 will bring UEFA’s alleged coercion of the Italian club before the courts and the CJEU.

“The Superliga and A22 will not stand idly by and will take legal action against what they consider an abuse against one of its members, Juventus, which UEFA has ordered to talk about abandoning the project under “threats and coercion of which there is irrefutable and unequivocal evidence”, which will be presented before the judge of the Provincial Court of Madrid and before the CJEU, according to Superliga sources.

“These same sources from A22, the company promoting the Superliga, confirmed to this newspaper that the pressure put on Juve, which was threatened with being thrown out of European competitions for three years if it did not abandon the Superliga project, is “unacceptable”.

“The founding clubs of the Super League maintain all the legal safeguards and security measures that prevent UEFA from taking action against them, such as being fined or expelled from European competitions. But according to evidence in A22’s possession, UEFA has ignored these court-ordered precautionary measures and therefore “such compelling evidence” will be presented to the Madrid courts.

“On the other hand, Superliga and A22 “trust that the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), an institution that deserves the greatest respect, will resolve the proceedings currently underway so that European clubs and football in general can work in peace and freedom”. The ruling of the CJEU will be binding on all parties and is expected before next autumn.


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