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Atalanta’s triumph at Anfield could secure Serie A an extra Champions League spot


Atalanta’s stunning 3-0 victory against Liverpool at Anfield could  have significant implications for Serie A. Beyond causing a major upset by routing one of the favourites to win the tournament, the result could potentially secure Italy an additional spot in the UEFA Champions League next season.

Italy have consistently dominated the UEFA Coefficients table for months, a testament to the strength of its clubs in European competitions. While Italian teams may no longer be in contention for the Champions League title this season, their performances in the Europa League and the newly introduced Conference League remain crucial in maintaining Serie A’s standing.

Atalanta’s remarkable win over Liverpool is set to bolster Italy’s coefficient points significantly. The victory is estimated to add +0.286 points to Italy’s tally, virtually ensuring that the fifth-placed team in Serie A will qualify for the prestigious Champions League next season. This development comes at a time when Serie A has been fiercely competing with other top European leagues for coveted Champions League spots.

The reshuffling of the UEFA Coefficients table following Bayer Leverkusen’s triumph over West Ham has seen Germany climb to second place, displacing England to third. This shift means that England now faces the prospect of losing an extra Champions League spot, with Italy poised to benefit from the outcome.


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