Ausilio: ‘We are working on Taremi and Zielinski’


Inter director Piero Ausilio admitted that the clubs are working on deals for Piotr Zielinski and Mehdi Taremi and confirmed that work is still ongoing for the renewal of Lautaro Martinez. Arriving at the ‘Friend of Children’ award ceremony, the Nerazzurri sporting director stopped to talk about the situation of the club with an eye on future scenarios:

What does this Inter dream of after the championship push?

“The awareness is there, awareness that comes from work and results. We have done something that is not yet defined because it is an important stage, but there is still a lot missing so there is still a lot of work to put in, a lot of intensity and a lot of dedication.”

Where are we with Lautaro’s renewal? He said that there is little to go and that there is confidence.

“If he said that, I don’t see why I shouldn’t confirm it. There is trust above all because there is the same intention, both parties want to lengthen this relationship. It’s normal that since there is an ongoing negotiation, patience is needed, as with all things. The times you have are not the ones we have, but I am sure that in the end we will reach an agreement that will satisfy both parties because that is what we want.

Now in the league there is Lukaku…

“No, there is Roma who are a very strong team, they come from three consecutive wins and they have changed coach. They play in an important and crowded stadium, but at the Olimpico there will be a determined Inter side who want to continue on their path.”

Barella’s renewal?

“The speech made applies to the renewal of all the important Inter players, they are many and we started with the most urgent ones, players who had more immediate expiry dates than Barella or Lautaro. We have settled those, but we are already working on a more long-term discourse with both Barella and Lautaro.”

What do you like most about this Inter team?

“The sense of unity and compactness that exists between all parties, coach, players, ownership, management and staff. We all know what the goals are and we are all following the same path with desire and intensity’.

Spalletti has also put an important building block in the construction of this Inter.

‘Absolutely, I remember those years well. He also put a building block because we returned to the Champions League, through that work we put a brick, it was an important base from which we developed a path, first with Conte and now with Inzaghi with whom we are completing a beautiful work that I hope will lead us to something important at the end of the season.

The names of Taremi and Zielinski?

“Useless to hide, they are situations we are working on. We don’t like to give dates or ultimatums, we have informed the respective clubs that we are negotiating, there have been contacts and we will see if this leads to something definitive.”

What characteristic has impressed you most about Inzaghi?

“He is a perfectionist and has a taste for beauty that is manifested by the team’s performance. A beautiful game that doesn’t come by chance, there is a lot of work and organisation behind it. Sunday is the fruit of great work developed every day.”


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