Belotti: “I’m at Fiorentina to play a Style of Football that matches My Characteristics”


In a day of introductions at Fiorentina, Andrea Belotti, after making his debut in front of the home crowd with a goal, officially presented himself in an interview with the club’s official channels, direct from the Viola Park.

 Speaking to Fiorentina’s YouTube channel, Belotti shared his thoughts on the memorable moment: “I hoped for a start like this, fortunately it didn’t take long. Doing it right under the Fiesole stand was something truly magical: it came naturally to me to run under them, and I hope to have many more runs like that. Florence is a beautiful city, and these days I’ve experienced it with a lot of passion; I came here because Fiorentina is the team that has a style of play most congenial to my characteristics.”

Adjusting to the club was facilitated by his teammates: “When you make these transfers in January, there’s little time to study your new teammates and the new tactics. I was fortunate that I already knew some teammates, which facilitated my integration.”

Explaining his celebration, Belotti said: “Let me explain how it originated: back in my Albinoleffe days, a friend of mine – whose last name was actually Gallo, which means rooster in Italian – told me to celebrate in this way, with the crest raised on the forehead.”

From Bergamo to Palermo and then to Turin: “When I went to Palermo, it was my first experience away from home. There, I had the fortune of being coached by Iachini, with whom I spent beautiful moments. Superga? The emotion surrounding that moment was one of the most important and profound of my life.”

Belotti also reminisced about Italy’s successful campaign at EURO 2020: “From the first day, a special magic was felt within the entire group. There was a desire to always be together. We were fortunate to be surrounded by someone like Gianluca Vialli; he always gave us that extra strength.”

During Belotti’s presentation, Fiorentina’s general director, Joe Barone, also spoke: “We are very happy to have him here with us. Andrea is a guy who sweats for the shirt, works every day to improve himself and others: he is a true leader.”


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