Bremer: ‘With Fagioli and Pogba, Juventus could have challenged for the title’


Juventus defender Bremer believes the club could have challenged for the Serie A title, if they had Nicolo Fagioli and Paul Pogba available. The Bianconeri centre-back was speaking with Spanish newspaper Marca (via Goal), and touched on the season just finished, while also shedding some light on his future, which includes ambitions to play in the Premier League or La Liga:

“This season was also a bit atypical. They are two players of the highest level and two important people that I appreciate. Pogba, even if he wasn’t at 100%, was important every time he played. I don’t know what happened, but unfortunately, he tested positive and was punished. Something similar happened with Fagioli. He’s like a ‘brother’ to me, we spent a lot of time together, and fortunately, he was able to play again in the last part of the season. It’s a shame because with the whole group available, I can’t say that we would have been champions… but we would have fought for the Scudetto.”

Future at Juventus

The defender then distances himself, at least for the moment, from transfer rumors: “The Premier League is a league where everyone wants to play, but I think I’m in a great club, the biggest in the world, and I’m happy. I just won my first title, and I want to make history here. Of course, you can never say never. We’ll see what happens. In La Liga, there are clubs like Madrid or Barcelona that are at the top of the world. In addition, La Liga, Serie A, and the Premier League are the best leagues in the world, so someday I would like to try them, but again, I feel good at Juventus.”

Allegri’s farewell

Bremer dwells on Allegri’s traumatic departure from Juventus after the Coppa Italia final and admits: “No one could have expected it, not even him, that everything would end like this. Maybe I could have imagined that he would leave, but not like this. It’s not up to us players to judge. We are workers, we have to respect it and move on. I only have words of gratitude for him because he requested my signing and helped me a lot to grow and have a very good season.”

Juve rebuilding

The Brazilian explains how much time Juventus will need to compete at the highest levels and reveals: “When I arrived, they told me that the club was in ‘reconstruction’… but not many clubs during this process manage to win a title. We did it, and I think we are on the right path. There has been a change of coach and manager, we have everything to continue to grow. In 2-3 years, we will fight for the Scudetto with all the guarantees.”

Talk about Thiago Motta

Finally, the Juventus defender cannot avoid answering the question about Thiago Motta’s now certain arrival at Juventus: “Everyone is talking about it, but I still don’t know anything about it. We’ll see who comes. We are Juventus, so it will definitely be a good coach. I hope we will have a good season. I think I can improve a lot in everything. Allegri was an excellent defensive coach, and I think the next coach will really like ball possession. It will be a new challenge.”


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