Buffon: ‘Atalanta deserve a trophy, I hope it’s the Europa League’


Gigi Buffon was diplomatic when asked about who he would rather see win the Coppa Italia, Juvenus or Atalanta. The Bianconeri legend was speaking on the sidelines of the Gianni Di Marzio award, and spoke to Sky Sport about the upcoming match:

“I think it’s quite natural that Juventus could win because Juventus has more experience playing in such matches compared to Atalanta. However, it’s clear that Atalanta is arriving in better form. Since Gasperini arrived, there has been a revolution in the way they work and think, and I believe over these years, they have achieved something monumental, truly marking a significant era. If they were to crown this journey with a victory, it would be the final seal on this incredible path.”


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