Buffon: ‘I wouldn’t have been called up for World Cup’


Veteran Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon believes there wouldn’t have been a space in the squad for him, had Italy qualified for the World Cup. The 44-year-old, currently playing at Parma, was adamant when speaking to La Stampa that even if his past performances may have earned him consideration, he would not have featured for the Azzurri in Qatar.

If Italy had qualified, I don’t think I would have been called up. Meritocracy is on my side, but there are other aspects which  give precedence and respect: considering the choices of recent years, it is right.

Mancini was the main architect of the Renaissance at the European Championships (last year), but after such a blow (not qualifying for the World Cup) he also has some responsibility…..If you lose on penalties with Portugal no one can be reprimanded, after the defeat against North Macedonia, it is harder to start again: at first difficulties, the ghosts could return.

Serie A? We are witnessing a ‘sui generi’s championship, usually a team dominates and others annoy them: Inter seemed to dominate, but then they had several poor results, then they relaunched themselves in Turin and now I see them as favourites.

Which game would I want to replay? Real Madrid-Juventus 1-3, the one with Ronaldo’s late penalty. We dropped out of the Champions League, but I felt incredible emotions, I felt proud to be captain of that Juve.”


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