Busquets: ‘Anything can happen in a final’


Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets doesn’t believe the Champions League final between Inter and Manchester City is as one-sided as it might seem: ‘Anything can happen in a final’. The two sides will meet on June 10 in Istanbul with the Premier League side the overwhelming favourites, but speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Busquets warned against writing off Inter:

“Everyone thinks City will win, but watch out. First because anything can happen in a final, and it’s not a cliche. And second, and this is even more important, when you play against a team like Inter who have such a precise, identified and well-tested system, with 5 defenders, 3 midfielders and two forwards, everything becomes very difficult.”

“Inter closes very well, in the middle they are very organised and have the help of the forwards. I say this from experience, because we played them twice this year and suffered. Inter may not create many chances, but they play with two forwards against two centre-backs, and there, in this situation, I see Inter capable of damaging City. Anything can happen.”


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