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Calhanoglu: ‘Ibra is too old to behave like this’


Hakan Calhanoglu has responded to his former Zlatan Ibrahimovic after the swede encouraged Milan fans to insult him during the Rossoneri’s title celebrations. The pair played together in the red half of Milan but the Turkish international made the switch to Inter last summer and lived to regret it.

Speaking to Tivibu Spor, Calhanoglu shared his discussed the move and his former teammates antics:

It was very difficult, as it was the same city and different colours, but I worked hard and knew this was my opportunity to join the reigning champions of Italy.

Then when the team I joined didn’t win the Scudetto and my old club did, people acted like it was my fault. I am very happy at Inter, though, and the support of the fans is very helpful. I played at Milan for four years, but nobody ever chanted my name in the stands, whereas it happens every time I just warm up for Inter.

Ibra? He is a 40-year-old man, not 18, so I wouldn’t do that sort of thing at his age. He just likes being the centre of attention. He didn’t contribute to the Scudetto this season, he barely played, but will do everything to be the focus anyway.

Besides, he is the one who always calls me up, asks me to go out to dinner or for a motorbike ride. He wrote about me in his book too. He had to write something, or it would’ve been blank pages. It’s best not to bother, honestly.

Inter are a much stronger squad than Milan, we lost a derby that changed suddenly at the 75th minute after Ivan Perisic and I were substituted. We were leading 1-0 and then lost 2-1, so the coach contributed to the defeat and I told him as much.

In the Coppa Italia semi-final, we beat Milan 3-0.”


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