Calhanoglu: ‘We have a Scudetto song ready’


Inter midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu shared some insights on the Nerazzurri squad and revealed they have a song ready for when they lift the Scudetto. Speaking in an interview with Gli Autogol, Calhanoglu talked about his teammates, the impending title celebrations and fantasy football@

“I know about it now, but I don’t play. I didn’t know what it was, but many people message me about it on social media. Sensi from our group does it.”

Regarding the locker room atmosphere, Calhanoglu pointed out the mischief-makers, saying, “Barella, Thuram, and Arnautovic. Thanks to them, we always have a good laugh.”

Discussing the locker room playlist, Calhanoglu teased, “We have one; we’re waiting for the right moment. I have it, it’s not an Italian song. But it’s a famous song that’s trending a lot on TikTok.”

Calhanoglu then playfully assigned roles to his teammates, deciding, “I’ll go on vacation with Barella, I’ll treat Dimarco to dinner, and I’ll give my credit card to Lautaro; it’s his responsibility.”

Reflecting on his career, Calhanoglu praised his former teammate Arda Turan, noting, “In his prime, he was my captain for the Turkish national team when I was young.”

When asked about the toughest opponent he’s faced, Calhanoglu singled out Neymar, highlighting the Brazilian’s skill.

In a lighthearted moment, Calhanoglu nominated Arnautovic as his penalty taker substitute, jokingly saying, “He’s good at taking them.”

Regarding his claim to be the best playmaker in the world, Calhanoglu clarified, “I didn’t say I’ll win the Ballon d’Or, but I declared that at that time, I felt like the best playmaker. Then I know there are other strong players.”

As for Inter’s stellar season, Calhanoglu credited the entire team as the best lead actor and praised manager Inzaghi.

When asked about the ideal Inter futsal team, Calhanoglu selected Szczesny in goal, Van Dijk in defense, Barella and Mkhitaryan in midfield, and Mbappé upfront.

Calhanoglu also discussed Yildiz’s potential, echoing Szczesny’s sentiments about the young talent’s promise.

In training, Calhanoglu asserted his confidence in penalty-taking, stating, “Even in training, I take them as if I’m in a match.”


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