Calzona: ‘We don’t perceive dangers, we’re not a team’


Napoli coach Francesco Calzona says they’re not a team right now following their 2-2 draw with Frosinone: ‘We don’t perceive dangers.’ The Partenopei took an early lead through Matteo Politano but found themselves pegged back after a brace from Walid Cheddira, with Victor Osimhen’s goal leveling things. Speaking post-match (via, Calzona couldn’t hide his frustrations after another muddling performance:

“We managed it terribly wrong. Since we were in the lead, I kept asking the team to keep possession and avoid mistakes. That’s how we should have managed it because with this heat, we couldn’t do otherwise. I regret it because we should have brought it home considering what we had created. The issue lies in management because we fail to grasp dangerous situations.”

He continued by addressing the team’s struggles: “If we don’t think negatively when we’re out of possession, it’s a problem. We discussed the dangers of this match throughout the week. We need to do more.”

Expressing disappointment over conceding goals, Calzona emphasized the need to tighten the defense: “We’ve conceded too many goals for our level. You can’t always score 3-4 goals to win a match. The feeling that the game was alive was always there, and that bothers me a lot. We don’t perceive the danger, and we’re not a cohesive unit. Sometimes, you have to win games 1-0. I didn’t feel the solidity I expected. I warned my players that it would be a peculiar match. It was very hot, and we were playing against a very young team, unlike us. I hoped we would unlock it immediately and manage it.”


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