Cambiaso agent: “The contract renewal with Juventus was done in two days”


Andrea Cambiaso’s agent confirmed that his clients contract renewal with Juventus was done within a matter of days: ‘Andrea is happy to stay.’ Giovanni Bia, agent to players such as Simone Zanon and Cambiaso, spoke to TMW shortly before the return leg of the Serie C playoff final between Carrarese and Vicenza. In his interview, Bia shared insights on both the match and the contract renewal of his client Cambiaso with Juventus:

“This match is open to all outcomes. Carrarese features a very promising player like Zanon. Since he’s one of my clients, I’ve followed the team closely this year, and they certainly have great potential. Coach Calabro has done an excellent job, continuing the good work started by Dal Canto,” Bia remarked.

On the other side is Vicenza, led by coach Vecchi

“Vecchi has achieved 23 consecutive positive results. Both coaches have addressed the shortcomings left by their predecessors. I expect a very entertaining and balanced game between two teams that play good football, as we saw in the first leg. Let’s hope for a great show this afternoon.”

On Cambiaso’s Contract Renewal with Juventus

Can you share some details about the negotiation process?

“We quickly reached an agreement. When intelligent people prioritize common interests over personal ones, problems are resolved swiftly. The focus was on the project, not the money. Juventus is happy to keep Andrea, and Andrea is happy to stay. We finalized everything in two days.”

Were there other clubs interested in Cambiaso?

“There were important, top-tier clubs that have won the Champions League. However, I believe Juventus will return to being the dominant team we know within a few years. With Andrea, we can finally establish continuity, so there was no reason to change clubs this year.”

Cambiaso will reunite with coach Thiago Motta in Turin.

“I believe so. Andrea knows him very well. Fortunately, we made the right choice last year when Andrea needed playing time and perhaps wasn’t ready for an experience like Juventus just yet.”


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