Cambiaso: “The coach thanked me for the substitution that led to the goal”


Juventus defender Andrea Cambiaso revealed that Max Allegri thanked him for the role he played in Juve’s goal against Lazio. Cambiaso was visibly agitated during the Coppa Italia match, prompting Allegri to substitute him for Timothy Weah, who eventually setup Juve’s goal. Cambiaso spoke with Sky Sports about the Bianconeri’s progression to the Coppa Italia and explained  his own reaction during the match, playing down the confrontation with Allegri:

“The first half was tough because they started very strong. In the second half, they dropped off, and we took control. The important thing was to reach the final, and we managed to do it.”

When asked to assess Juventus’ season, Cambiaso replied, “We’ll wait until the end of the season because we still have to catch up to Milan, and we need to try to win the Coppa Italia. A lot can change in one match, so I’d wait until the end of the season.”

Regarding his personal season, Cambiaso expressed, “If someone had told me, I wouldn’t have believed it. I think it’s the result of daily hard work, and I still have a lot of room for improvement. I need to keep working.”

Allegri mentioned that Cambiaso seemed upset with the referee during the game. Cambiaso admitted, “I got angry because sometimes I’m too demonstrative in my behavior. I need to improve in my interactions with both referees and opponents, and often I find myself laughing even when it’s unnecessary. The coach saw me getting agitated and decided to make the substitution. In the end, he thanked me because Timothy came on and provided the assist.”

Discussing the atmosphere in the locker room, Cambiaso stated, “There’s enthusiasm because reaching the final was one of our set objectives. We’re happy to have achieved it, and we’ll see what happens on May 15th.”


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