Cannavaro: “We hope to win the war, not just the battles”


Fabio Cannavaro says he hopes to ‘win the war, not just the battles’, as Udinese beat Lecce 2-0 to take another step toward safety. The Bianconeri propelled themselves out of the drop zone and into 15th, but still have two more rounds to face before they can be sure of safety. Speaking with Sky Sport Italia, Cannavaro shared his thoughts on their victory:

“I am happy and proud of my players for what they have done since I arrived. It was a moment where there was a lot of fear. We have worked hard in these days. During a match, there is a moment when you have to suffer and a moment when you have to manage. We were good at resisting the first few minutes when we suffered and slowly we gained confidence.”

The Udinese coach then commented on the mental work done on the team: “It was evident that this team had lost confidence and self-esteem. I liked the spirit and the desire to do well. Next, we will have a match against a team and a coach who are often protagonists in this fight. We hope to win the war, not just the battles.”

Fabio Cannavaro concluded the interview by talking about individual players and the relegation battle: “Lucca and Success have had a complicated season. I am trying to make them understand what movements bother defenders. Lucca has carried the weight of Udinese’s attack all year. I have spoken to him. Sometimes he jumps from a standstill when the third half is better; he is very dangerous, as he showed today. For the last few matches, a different ball management and a little extra will be needed. We are going to face teams that come at you, and we have to manage the ball differently.”


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