Capello: ‘Allegri’s biggest problem is the goals Juventus are conceding’


Former Juventus coach Fabio Capello believes the Bianconeri’s biggest problem at present is the goals they are conceding. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the legendary coach explained where he thinks Juve’s shortcomings lie, and shared his opinions on Max Allegri:

What idea have you formed about the team’s problems under Allegri?

“First of all, let’s make a premise: Allegri until the Derby d’Italia performed miracles by keeping Juventus in the wake of Inter. There is no comparison in terms of quality between the two teams. And even Milan, now second in the standings, has a more competitive squad than the Bianconeri.”

Returning to Juventus’ difficult moment?

“The comparison with Inter, beyond the 1-0 for the Nerazzurri at San Siro, showed the Juventus players and the distance between the two teams. There was a backlash, adrenaline and attention dropped. The consequence is this negative period.”

If the problem is psychological and motivational, could varying the formation – with the switch from 3-5-2 to 3-4-3 – become an attempt to stimulate the team?

“The difference between the Juventus that kept pace with Inter and this one, which has a points average close to relegation, is the goals conceded. It’s not that you score more goals by fielding more attackers. Allegri’s team, until January, won a lot and almost always by a short margin: 1-0, 2-1. There were few times when they created and scored a lot. While in the last 8 rounds, apart from the 0-0 on Sunday against Genoa, they conceded many goals, often two per game. These are the real problems: the goals conceded and the lack of quality. Not the trident. Allegri doesn’t have Mbappé or Vinicius up front to field three forwards…”

However, Chiesa has always shown his best starting wide in the trident, even at the Euros. And against Napoli, he found the net again when Allegri moved him to the wing… Could the 3-4-3 become an option to make one of the best players in the squad more comfortable?

“There’s no doubt that Chiesa is more dangerous starting from the wing. Federico thrives on dribbling, speed, bursts, and when he starts wide, he has an advantage. In the center, he’s more markable. But what players does Allegri have to build a potential trident with Chiesa and Vlahovic? Yildiz is talented, but he’s just starting out. Kean has just returned from injury. Perhaps the only one who could play on the opposite side of Chiesa is Cambiaso. But if Allegri insists on the 3-5-2, it’s because he thinks he has more balance and guarantees: no coach hurts himself willingly.”

Is there anything else?

“Inzaghi’s team and Pioli’s team create many more chances for the forwards compared to Juventus. And do you know why? Because the Nerazzurri have a midfield with a lot of quality. And Milan on the left, thanks to Theo and Leao, can come up with anything during the 90 minutes. The man who makes the most difference in Juventus is Rabiot. And it’s no coincidence that Juventus’ crisis period coincided with some niggles and injuries to the Frenchman.”

Juventus is preparing for the return to the Champions League, and next season, they will also be protagonists at the 32-team Club World Cup. Barzagli said that for Juventus to be competitive, they will need 3 total impact signings, Galeone even said 5. For you?

“At least four, but of top quality. They need to be agreed upon between the coach and the club. The coach must have a say in the transfers.”

Giuntoli’s first choice remains Koopmeiners from Atalanta: does he convince you?

“Good player, but he needs to be tested with a heavy shirt like Juventus’. However, the Bianconeri will need at least two top-level midfielders. Then a full-back and a forward or a winger who can beat their man and create numerical superiority.”

During interviews, Giuntoli always confirms Allegri even for 2024-25. But Max publicly said, ‘The club hasn’t told me anything about the future. When they decide, they’ll let me know…’. With your experience, what do you think about the issue?

“These are somewhat contradictory statements. One, Allegri, asks for an answer. Giuntoli talks about it on TV, but not in private… Skirmishes.”

You won twice with Real Madrid in different periods: first in 1996-97 and then in 2006-07. If you were in Allegri’s shoes, given Juventus’ current situation and the jeers at the Allianz Stadium, would you try an experience abroad this summer?

“Coaching abroad is always a technical and cultural enrichment. Max is smart, and I’m sure he’d do well in England thanks to his ability to read the game and make changes.”


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