Charly Alcaraz’s Exciting Start at Juventus: Dreams, Inspirations, and Commitment


In a recent interview with Juventus TV, Carlos Alcaraz shared his thoughts on his initial experience with the Bianconeri , expressing excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to don the prestigious Juventus jersey:

Swift Transition and Tranquil Approach:

“Yes, I must say it all happened very quickly. But it also went very well. My agent told me about Juventus, and I remained calm, together with my girlfriend, who helped me in the last few days. I had to stay calm; it could go well or not. Fortunately, it went well. I am very happy about these first days at Juventus, and I am very happy to be here.”

Arrival in Turin: A Dream Come True:

“I must say that coming to Turin, coming to Juventus, is a dream. I know I will have to work hard to achieve the goals with Juventus and mine. The first impression is crazy; I used to play with Juventus on the console, and now I am here.”

Honoring the Argentine Tradition at Juventus:

“It is an honor to wear this shirt, knowing the path of good Argentine players who have been here. Arriving is very beautiful. I have seen many games with Di Maria, Paredes, Dybala. Very nice.”

Versatility as a Midfielder:

“As a player, how am I? I have always played in midfield, both on the left and right. It’s the position where I feel best. I bring determination, a desire to play, to win. I am very competitive, I don’t like to lose. I will give my all to achieve great results for me and the club.”

Childhood Inspiration and Ronaldo’s Influence:

“As a child, I always liked Ronaldo. For me and many others. In Argentina, Matias Zaracho, I always liked how he played, how he trained. I always admired him. But Ronaldo was the greatest inspiration.”

A Message to the Fans:

“I am very happy to have arrived here. I thank the fans, thanks for the messages on Instagram. I am very happy. I want them to know that when I wear this shirt, I will do it at the maximum.”


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