Chiellini: ‘Juve are a club that makes it’s own choices….’


Former Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini believes the club should have handled Leonardo Bonucci’s situation better: “Juve is a club that makes its own choices and has never looked anyone in the face.” The veteran centre-back is currently featuring for MLS side Los Angeles FC but took time out to speak with Il Corriere dello Sport about the situation of his close friend Bonucci, and also addressed the turbulent times for the national team following Robero Mancini’s resignation:

“Mancini’s resignation? I was surprised. I believe he no longer had the proper motivation to continue and I equally believe that he is a smart enough person to have pondered everything well. Given the shock, a lucid and correct analysis is difficult. If it comes to the farewell of the national team, it means that some friction was there. In my opinion Spalletti is the perfect profile to start again.”

“Buffon? Gigi is a different person from the average player and I am sure he will be able to give a great hand.”

“Bonucci? I heard Leo, I feel sorry because I certainly would have preferred a different exit for him and that he was celebrated properly by the fans. Unfortunately it didn’t happen but in this affair there are neither winners nor losers. Juve is a club that makes its own choices and has never looked anyone in the face.”

“Serie A? Napoli and Inter start a step ahead of Juve and Milan.”

“Vlahovic-Lukaku swap? If Juve thinks of doing such an operation I think it is more for economic than technical reasons. Without this, they wouldn’t even be talking about it. However, the club is now in the condition of having to listen to offers for everyone.”

“Saudi Arabia? It’s not a flash in the pan, it’s they are serious and solid, not to be taken lightly. They are changing the balance of world football.”


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