Chiellini: ‘Mancini wanted me at Manchester City’

Former Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini has revealed that he could have joined Manchester City 10 years ago. The Bianconeri legend was speaking with The Times newspaper and recounted how the Azzurri boss wanted him in England, but the move was never really close:

[Roberto] Mancini was at Manchester [City], it was around 2011-12. In the end, not so close, just talking a lot of times. It was just talks with agents, clubs but you know there are hundreds every transfer window that are never so close.

I think it could be a [league] for me — when I was younger, not now — it’s a league where my skills and my attitude was probably appreciated. In Premier League when you do 100 per cent you are very appreciated by all the fans.

It’s strange because I’m a curious person who loves to travel and loves to discover places and cultures, and I spend my whole career in just one club, in just one city. My character is to travel, which is the reason why I am here now.”

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