Chiellini: ‘Pogba could have been a generational talent’


Former Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini has expressed his support for Paul Pogba, who is currently facing a four-year ban due to a doping violation. The two players shared the Juventus dressing room for four successful years, winning multiple Serie A titles, Coppa Italia, and Supercoppa Italiana trophies.

In a recent interview with Sky Sport, Chiellini spoke fondly of Pogba, recalling his arrival at Juventus as a young talent. “I knew him as a boy, he was little more than a child when he arrived and immediately made himself loved,” Chiellini said. He revealed that he has been in touch with Pogba during these challenging months, emphasizing that despite Pogba now being a grown man, the team still sees him as the young player they watched grow.

Chiellini acknowledged Pogba’s potential to become a generational talent, but noted that injuries and adverse circumstances have hindered his progress. “He could have been a generational talent who got a bit lost due to injuries,” the former defender stated.

Despite the current situation, Chiellini expressed hope for Pogba’s return to the field. “Now I hope he can be seen again, can return to play. He certainly made a mistake, although I don’t know how things went, but my hope is to see him on the field soon because he’s really a golden boy,” Chiellini said.


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