Chiellini’s Advice to Yildiz: “He Should Renew with Juventus for 5 Years. A Special Talent”


Giorgio Chiellini, former Juventus captain and Italian football legend, has shared his thoughts on Kenan Yildiz, the young Turkish talent currently making waves at Juventus. In an interview with Sky Sport 24, Chiellini offered his advice for the promising player:

“My advice? He should renew his contract with Juventus for five years,” Chiellini stated. “I think it’s a simple decision. It’s a growth path where he needs to create more space for himself and play more often.”

Chiellini expressed his admiration for Yildiz, revealing that he had been impressed by the young player from the beginning. “I was fascinated by Kenan from the start. I had heard good things about him and had seen him in the second team. He has a special talent, one I haven’t seen in many years from a player who came up through Juventus’ youth ranks.”

The former defender emphasized the importance of Juventus as the ideal environment for Yildiz’s development. “Given his progress and how happy he seems, there’s no better place for him to grow. I don’t expect him to play every game, but he should have more and more continuity. He has already shown us so much.”

When asked about the nurturing of young talents, referencing how Lamine Yamal is treated in Spain, Chiellini shared his own experience. “I joined Livorno’s first team when I was sixteen and a half. It’s about your availability and what you show. I had to prove myself and made mistakes that helped shape me. I didn’t face hazing, but I gradually earned trust. Yildiz has evidently shown the right attitude from day one.”

Chiellini concluded with a perspective on respect within the team, stating, “I carried balls and goals until I was forty. A youngster doing a nutmeg isn’t a problem. It becomes an issue if they’re late.”


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